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A unique alternative to hotel Accommodation
Saint Lucia discount Accommodation

Deresidence Guest St.Lucia's Affordable Accommodation

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Summer in Paradise
The Residence a unique alternative to hotel accommodations.
This luxury villa is situated in the prime residential area of Fond Cacao in Soufriere.The villas offers fablous mountain views.
Our villas are beautiful and well maintained it has all the amenties of home.We are only ten minutes walk from the beach,and five minutes to the Botanical Gardens and Diamond Falls......................
Our Rates are $ 50.US dollars per apartment per day.
Summer is finally here and some of you are contemplating a Caribbean getaway but cash  is limited,and selecting a perfect getaway destination is a dilemma.
Permit me the opportunity  to assist in making your dream vacation a reality.Saint lucia is hailed as the Caribbean most sort after destination

Saint lucia is virtually a paradise in the Caribbean.Europeans,Americans and The O"Magazine hail Saint lucia as  one of the most romantic Caribbean destination to visit in ones life time................St.lucia boast a rich culture,fascinating wildlife,miles and miles of sandy beaches,awesome vistas,plus the flora and funas are the best in the Caribbean
Contemplating a honeymoon escape?then Soufriere is the ideal location.
Nestled in the enchanting town of Soufriere is The Residence a haven of peace and tranquillity.........

Saint lucia has earned it's remarkable reputation by being one of the most desirable vacation destination in the Caribbean. Saint lucia is the choice of Europeans and Americans tourist.They choose Saint lucia for it's awesome natural beauty and stunning vistas.The island is small but good things comes in small packages...............
The island has many beautiful natural sights to offer,and one of them is the magical and impressive Pitons.
In the enchanting town of Soufriere are all the beautiful natural wonders that Saint lucia has to offer.Soufriere is the Caribbean most beautiful little town.Soufriere is beautiful,Soufriere is very scenic,Soufriere is a paradise.Soufriere is home to one of the Island most beautiful waterfalls. The Diamond Waterfalls,The Botanical Gardens,The Mineral Baths,and the Drive-in Volcano are all nestled in Soufriere.
Life in and around this enchanting town is relaxed and serene.
The Saint Lucia Residence is an ideal and unique alternative to expensive hotel lodgins................................................
Contact us , and we will help you make it possible..................We have everything you need for your dream vacation.............
For some folks Saint Lucia is synonymous with sand ,sun love and romance for others the island provides a chance to see an intrinsic side of nature they've never seen before.When you stay at the Residence we promised to do whatever it takes to ensure that the spirit of Saint lucia lives in your memory and takes root in your soul.
Our Rates...2 bedroom villa apartments for $50.US dollars per day.


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The Residence St.Lucia
Saint Lucia discount Accommodation

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